Olaf Solutions Support Is Available During this Covad-19 Crisis

It is important to let all of our customers know that we will be available for support to ALL of our customers. I would like to let you know that Olaf Solutions is considered a “critical business” under the Louisiana rules governing the Coronavirus Stay at home Order. However we are self-enforcing the rule that… Read More »

How do I keep safe using Electronics?

Whether it is in your home or in your company’s office – especially in times of COVID-19, a clean and hygienic workplace is more important than ever. Viruses adhere to surfaces made of different materials. The survival time of the COVID-19 depends on the material of the surface, ambient temperature and air humidity. In principle,… Read More »

The Internet is going to have a price increase!

We all talk about the internet as being free, however while we all pay to have access to the internet, we are going to start paying more to protect ourselves from the predators on the internet. I was at a luncheon last week where one of the larger companies involved in business security was showing… Read More »

National Cyber Security Awareness Month October 2017

National cyber security awareness month began Monday October second. This is a joint effort between government and business to make users aware of the need to be aware of the risk of the internet, and make better choices. “Cyber risks can seem overwhelming in today’s hyper-connected world, but there are steps you can take to… Read More »

Back to the Basics – Reaction to my Customer Service Article

My last article evoked a number of responses from our customer base. Some felt that I was over the top on Customer service, some felt like while it was necessary it didn’t result in revenue and in some cases created overhead. And of course there were those who agreed with me, or at least they… Read More »

Time to look at your Technology

I had a customer tell me the other day that he wanted the system that I was selling him to last 10 years. I tried to explain that that was no longer an option, but he still had the expectation that computers should last that long. While most of the products we sell will physically… Read More »

Customer Service

Is your company the Next United Airlines Fiasco? The last couple of weeks have been filled with the pictures and stories of various airlines failing at customer service. From the Doctor who was dragged off the United flight, to the family that was kicked off the plane by Delta when they wanted to sell the… Read More »

Features one should expect in POS Software!

It is a given that all POS software will ring up a customer’s purchases and track the cash, checks and credit cards. But it is important to look at this function as it relates it your business.  The first question that you should ask is how many transactions a day do I normally have? As… Read More »

Point of Sale Software – Let’s Look at the actual cost

With the advent of cloud computing and software as a service (SAAS) there are now literally hundreds of Point of Sale software packages available and the price ranges from $30.00 a month to thousands of Dollars for a premise based system. Lately, I have had a lot of questions about the difference in price of… Read More »

POSitive Software Announces ‘TEXTING’ Abilities

Understanding that small business software must also provide measurable revenue to help justify its expense, POSitive Software has rolled out a new marketing package for all of its POSitive 2017 software lines, including POSitive For Retail, POSitive For Business and POSitive Green Enterprise Management (GEM).  The Marketing Manager now allows the integration of ‘Text Messages’ or… Read More »