Positive GEM

Positive Software products are both EMV and PCI-DASS Compliant

      When Looking at Point of Sale software, it is important to keep in mind the new merchant requirements to accept payment cards. Positive Software has been certified as an “out of scope” software that when used with Datacap’s NetEPay will integrate your payment cards into the software in a PCI-DASS Certified Solution. The following processors have been certified with Positive software products to give our merchants the ability to shop their accounts for the best possible price.








Olaf Solutions proudly provides the entire technology package including professional installation, training and ongoing support to get Green Industry clients running on GEM, software for Garden Center and Nursery Management with Point of Sale, Inventory and Accounting.




The Green Industry has specific challenges. GEM’s Point-of-Sale system is sophisticated, intuitive, and extremely customizable.
Track customers and inventory, create invoices and purchases orders, print AR statements and process Accounts Payable, even manage a complete inter-net web store all from within GEM’s Point-of-Sale System!




When you aren't meeting your sales goals, you want to identify a solution. But first, you have to determine a cause. Green Industry entrepreneurs have a unique variable in their business - the elements.
Were sales down yesterday because of rain? GEM includes an auto-populated Sales vs. Weather chart that allows you to easily compare sales for any time period with that time period's weather conditions, including high and low temperatures, precipitation, and average dew. Keeping this information at your fingertips makes revenue analysis quicker and easier than ever.




Increase Employee Efficiency with GEM's Extensive Inventory look-up options. The system is currently unmatched in the industry - search by SKU, Common Name, Botanical Name or Category. You can even filter results to show only items in stock!




Integration with Microsoft MapPoint makes it easy to plan efficient delivery routes and also target advertising to areas with the most customers.

All Features

All features are designed to save you time & improve your business processes, including:

• Intuitive, full-featured Touch Screen Editor
• Advanced Search: rapidly find customers and inventory when creating invoices
• Enter new inventory quickly with Category Defaults
• Create Sales Reports for Departments within your business (for example, you might have a retail division and a landscaping division)
• Clerks can be trained within minutes to ring up orders and take tender
• Grows as your Business Grows:
Additional functionality is available when you need it, including e-commerce!
• Olaf Solutions keeps it all humming — unmatched expertise and service means you’re worry free.