Olaf Solutions – Software

           Buying the correct software for your business is critical to your businesses success. Buying Software is often compared to buying clothes. When you just need a ‘T’ shirt, you are not as picky about it and will often buy the convenient one to get or the least expensive. But when you’re out to buy a tuxedo or an evening dress, you will spend much more time and make sure it fits correctly, many times even paying for tailoring to make it fit perfect. The same holds true for business software.

The software must conform to your business and make it easier to conduct business, not harder.

Olaf Solutions began as a software company, and as such we have the knowledge and understanding of software to know what questions to ask, find out what procedures that you are using, review your expectations and needs, to help you navigate the selection of the right software for your business. It is also important to make sure that your chosen packages of software all work together, as well work with the hardware that you are using.

Call us today to review your software and we can help you make the right decision for your Business!

Samson – Vertical Software for the HVAC Service Industry. Both powerful and flexible, Samson fits your business and will supply both large and small contractors with the information to manage and grow your company.

Samson Jr.– Will let your HVAC business begin with the basic software and add packages as needed. An economical way to modernize and automate your company

Osys Accounting  – A full accounting package of sales orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase orders, general ledger, and payroll. May be run independently or have a custom Package written for your business and integrated with the accounting packages.

Wasp Time Clocks and Time clock Software – fully integrated with Quick books,  the clocks store and transmit your employees time to your payroll system. clocks have options of biometrics (finger prints), employee badges or just a employee number and password.

Point of Sale Software Packages

Quick Touch for Retailers – An entry level Point of Sale system for the small retailer with ease of use and simplicity at the core of this software. With a low price point, your small store an be computerized and running this software in no time at all. As you grow your sales, inventory and customers data will be able to be converted to larger and more robust software.

Positive PRM Software  – Positive Retail Manager, “the fully featured version” is a sophisticated yet intuitive Point of Sale system built around Microsoft’s SQL, a robust and scalable database. SQL allows PRM to work with many popular third-party programs, such as Crystal Reports. Track customers and inventory, create invoices and purchases orders, print AR statements and process Accounts Payables, even manage a complete internet web store all from within Positive Retail Manager

Positive GEM Software –  Green Enterprise Management, is a Vertical Software for the Garden Centers and Nurseries. A Complete Point of Sale and wholesale invoicing system  allows the searching of the horticultural names of plants, tracks plants from seedling to sale. It also tracks sales vs. weather,  Tracks customers and inventory, create invoices and purchases orders, print AR statements and process Accounts Payables, even manage a complete internet web store all from within the Positive GEM Software.

Possible POS Restaurant Software POSsible specializes in complete POS systems and POS software to meet the needs of almost any business environment, including restaurants, groceries, salons, convenience stores, and liquor stores, to name a few. We carry only high-quality, brand name POS Equipment.