Possible Restaurant POS Software

Possible Restaurant POS products are both EMV and PCI-DASS Compliant

When Looking at Point of Sale software, it is important to keep in mind the new merchant requirements to accept payment cards. Possible Restaurant POS Software has been certified as an “out of scope” software that when used with Datacap’s NetEPay will integrate your payment cards into the software in a PCI-DASS Certified Solution. The following processors have been certified with Possible Restaurant POS software products to give our merchants the ability to shop their accounts for the best possible price.


screenshot-dannyPOSsible POS Restaurant Software is a state-of-the-art, award winning restaurant point of sale system from POSsible POS.  Our POS system enable restaurateurs to improve the profitability of their business through faster and more accurate order processing, integrated tools to track and manage ingredients and recipes, managing employee labor, and effectively marketing to customers based on ordering trends.  The built-in reporting can be customized to generate key data needed to make smarter business decisions.

We are experts in effectively and efficiently implementing new point of sale systems or transitioning your existing cash register into a computerized POS system.  Plus Restaurant Pro comes standard with training and 24x7x365 live technical support.  Our POS solutions are scalable to handle a single location with one or more POS stations or a chain with multiple locations.

We make it POSsible for you to perform tons of business-enhancing functions that offer efficiency, added customer-service and user-friendly operations, allowing your business to run more effectively.



How can your restaurant benefit from a POS System?