Company Profile


Olaf Solutions has sixty-five years of software experience and seventy years of business experience. Olaf brings to the table the ability to provide state of the art software and operating systems that experience has proven to work in the real world of business. We always in-house test all operating systems and software that we recommend and sell. As computer hardware has changed so much over the last ten years, and we fully expect as much over the next few years, Olaf works hard to keep up with the latest configurations and software available to keep pace. As soon as a major product hits the market, we start our own testing and in-house use of the product. This allows us the opportunity to evaluate the products in a controlled environment. We are able to provide system design that incorporates the latest technology as well as one stop service for hardware, operating systems and software.

Please feel free to call for an appointment to see the products we sell on display in our offices. touch – feel and see it work in a real environment.